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So what exactly do you offer?

We take a personal, multi-tierd approach to SEO and include things like Keyword Research, Overall Website Optimization, Blog Optimization, Link Building & reporting - among other things. Contact us for a more in-depth look into what we offer for these services.

SEO sounds great & all...But what else?

Over the last 5 years Liz became an expert at submitting to blog & magazines. You're probably does this help you? Every couple you photograph during an engagement session, after session or wedding has the opportunity to be published. Every time you have something published on a blog you get a link back to your website. Generally speaking a link from a blog will only get you a small amount of visitors directly from the feature. Where the real power comes in is the power (read: PageRank or "PR") of that blog and what PR it can transfer to your website. We maintain an active list of the most popular wedding blogs (currently X-XXXX) and their respective PR. But why is that important? It's the difference between getting a link from a blog with a PR or 0 or 1 & a link from a blog with a PR of 3 or 4 )which is HUGE. We help you submit to the blogs with the best PR and that helps you get better rankings in the search results. Period.

But hey - Why can't I do this my self? I know there are websites & forums that are willing to help.

We hear it. We see it. SEO is easy! Just pay us $10 and we will show you the ways of the SEO universe (Yeah Right) or buy this Ebook & Join a community and DIY. This is not that. Would you rather spend your time looking aimlessly through ebooks & forums or spend that time working on your brand and taking photos? SEO is a lot like wedding photography - You get what you pay for. It sounds easy but if you do even one thing wrong your results can be sub par or worse you can have your website removed from certain search engines. You stick to taking amazing photographs and let us help you show the world.

Ready to have us help you show the world?

It doesn't cost anything to send us an e-mail. We would love to take a look at your current situation (for free) and determine if we would be a good fit. We regrettably cannot work with everyone and as such only work with clients we truly believe we can help. Want to know the best part? If we don't improve your rankings you owe us nothing...and we only accept payment after your initial ranking increase is seen (no upfront fee's) and you can cancel at any time. It truly is win-win.